Friday 8 March 2013


There's a fabulous exhibition at the Belmacz Gallery in London, celebrating the life of the Swedish Hollywood legend, Greta Garbo. Miss G: The Private World of Greta Garbo showcases designs from the film star's wardrobe, alongside artworks and decorative pieces from her personal collection. It is a great insight into the world of the silver screen actress and runs until 19th March. 

Nominated four times for an Academy Award for Best Actress, Garbo made her mark in Hollywood at MGM studios in silent movies, such as Torrent (1926), and became known for her dramatic facial expressions and her ability to convey emotion with just the lowering of an eyelid. With her cool Nordic beauty and husky voice, Garbo switched effortlessly to talking movies and is remembered for her dramatic roles in Anna Christie (1930) and Grand Hotel (1932).

The legendary Swedish actress in Mata Hari (1931), photographed by 
her favourite MGM photographer, Clarence Sinclair Bull
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