Monday 29 October 2012


While the build-up to the launch of Pippa Middleton's first book, Celebrate, attracted mixed publicity, many reviewers and commentators missed that the beautiful images were shot by leading lifestyle photographer David Loftus, who regularly shoots food and interiors for Vogue and other quality publications. Billed as a seasonal guide to simple and creative entertaining, Celebrate features easy-to-follow recipes and decorating ideas that will appeal to creative children and time-poor adults alike. Loftus' evocative shots ensure that every occasion is worth celebrating - even Halloween, which I have to admit I always try to stay clear of as I sadly lost my mother on that day many years ago, but find myself giving-in when young Trick or Treaters knock on the door...

Halloween Table
Photographed by David Loftus 2012

Seasonal entertaining ideas including 
arts & crafts and simple recipes

'Entertaining on any scale can be stressful and daunting so this is all about finding ways to manage and enjoy the process,' explains Pippa Middleton, ‘I hope you will see this as a feel-good book with ideas to look forward to each month, providing threads of lasting, happy memories, be it around a table lit with candles in winter, outside on a rug in summer or in the autumn, perched on a leaf-covered bench, hot drink in hand.’

Pippa Middleton
Photographed by David Loftus 2012

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