Friday 15 February 2013


Part Two of my Q&A with Tony Glenville, author of New Icons of Fashion Illustration (Laurence King), includes Glenville's thoughts on collecting the works of fashion artists, both as an investment and just for the love of the art form. I've also included an inspiring series of images from the book. Enjoy!

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LJ: Is fashion illustration an important part of the curriculum for fashion design students?
TG: Designers are not necessarily illustrators, it is often a different skill. Many designers can "sketch", but not much more. At London College of Fashion we have a Fashion Illustration BA course, which is highly successful. Learning to mark-make is vital to designers, but the art and craft of successful fashion illustrators is a separate learning curve and gift.

LJ: Do you collect contemporary fashion illustration, as well as fashion illustrations by fashion artists from the past?
TG: I am ashamed to say NO, but my collecting has to stop somewhere. Gazette du Bon Ton is still my key illustration collection, alongside the work of the artist/cartoonist/observer SEM, whose work I adore.

Kareem Iliya
Courtesy Kareem Iliya

LJ: Which are your most treasured fashion illustrations?
TG: The portfolio "Le Vrai et le Faux Chic" by SEM - a tribute to the fashions of Paul Poiret.

LJ: Do you think fashion illustration is a good investment?
TG: Definitely - like all artwork it is good to get in at the beginning of an artist’s career. Many fashion Illustrators are collectable, but again like artists, buy what you like. So I’d suggest Art Deco or Golden Age of Couture Erte or Rene Gruau - both of whom as originals are very expensive, but print works are still affordable; or contemporary artists like Sarah Singh or Kareem Iliya are really beautiful works of art, as well as great fashion illustrators. Watch William Ling and the FIG (Fashion Illustration Gallery) for exhibitions and carry on researching artists’ names, both from the past and the present.

David Downton - La Dolce Vita 
Courtesy David Downton

Jason Brooks, Balenciaga
Courtesy Jason Brooks/Private Collection 

Sarah Singh, Eye Shadow, Bloomingdales
Courtesy Sara Singh

Sarah Singh, Clinique
Courtesy Sara Singh

Tanya Ling, Christian Dior
Image courtesy of 

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