Monday, 31 December 2012


I can't believe how quickly Christmas has rushed by this year. It has been fabulous having all the family together and to have time to enjoy each other's company. We put the tree up early for once and decorated it in the usual white, silver and crystal. I've always preferred this colour way as it reminds me of my childhood in Sweden. We've added splashes of red and lots of other mad decorations over the years, especially when the children were younger, but always seem to come back to this colour combination.  

I asked our daughter if she was happy decorating the tree with such neutral colours while we were doing the tree this year, and luckily she said she loves it as it is. It will be interesting to see if she keeps the tradition going when she has her own home...

Our Nordic colour themed tree, complete with felted Toby, ceramic, vintage crystal and silver decs,
plus clip-on candle holders

We added the clip-on candle holders to the tree that I found at Objects of Use in Oxford earlier this year. They look lovely and we were all tempted to light the candles, but decided against it. Another addition was the felted model of our dog, Toby. I did a fair at Waddesdson Manor last month and there was a fabulous felter there called Sharon Howard who makes copies of peoples' dogs - the kids loved the felted version of Toby and he will have pride of place on the tree every year from now on. I also adore the pleated angel that a great friend made for me, using a page from a vintage book and a crystal bead for the head. It will be very sad to have to pack everything away next weekend...

Festive touches around the house, including two vintage Swedish ceramic figures from the 1940's

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