Thursday, 6 December 2012


Here are some images of one of my favourite shops in Oxford - Objects of Use. The shop offers a brilliant mix of predominately homespun and European functional household items, including several design classics from Scandinavia which I adore, such as the iconic String bookcase and tactile glassware from iittala. It reminds me of the fabulous Shaker shops that were around in the UK in the 80's.

Everyday household tools and functional items available at Objects of Use in Oxford

Also in-store at the moment are pop-up paper snowball decorations and sheets of those vintage-looking aluminium clip-on candle holders for Christmas trees. The aluminium clips instantly transported me to when I was a child growing up in Kent and my very Swedish parents would always decorated the Christmas tree with live candles held in place with similar clip-on candle holders...I can still smell the heady mix of pine needles and burning candles and hear the endless warnings not to touch the tree!

The shop is reminiscent of a serious hardware store with its vintage haberdashery cabinets and simple brown paper carrier bags, but it also showcases a tight edit of contemporary design pieces by companies such as Marimekko for iittala, alongside more traditional items including beeswax candles and natural sponges. It's a real gem and well worth a visit.

 Everyday luxuries: handcrafted brushes and combs, plus hand-milled soaps

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